We strive to maintain our clients’s dignity and respect

Gentle Expressions is a home care agency that is here to provide your loved ones with safety and care in the comfort of their own home.

We strive to maintain our clients’s dignity and respect.

Gentle Expressions is a home care agency that is here to provide your loved ones with safety and care in the comfort of their own home.

A home health agency plus more!

At Gentle Expressions, we are dedicated and very passionate about each individual’s needs.

Our love for the company goes beyond just a day to day basis for the clients. We are also dedicated to the family as well and the concerns they have for their ailing family members. When God gifts you with such compassion to help others, it’s a warm feeling we feel that never goes away. Our hearts, minds, and ears are open and waiting to join your family and to conquer whatever need we can in our power.

Our fees are reasonable and are sure to meet your budget.
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We all thank you in advance for the opportunity and trust you’ve given to care for your loved one!

About Gentle Expressions

Gentle Expressions Home Care Agency was created with compassion and love for all of mankind.

My passion stems from a 3 year old little girl that had great compassion for her sick father. That soon after passed away. I would stand in the bedroom doorway and watch as my mother nursed a deep wound in the center of his back (cancer)… My young self didn’t understand what was going on at the time. I just wanted him to get up and play with me like he used to.

As an adult, my heart tugs tremendously for those who are ill and in need of care. I’m dedicated to pouring every ounce of me into every client that I come into contact with!

I was never impressed with any place that I’d ever worked. I always prayed for my own company. So that I can give the very best to all my clients and their families. Care that a 3 year old daddies girl would’ve given to her father.

My team is just as compassionate as I Am.

We are a family that is excitedly waiting to serve everyone!

Gentle Expressions Services

Gentle Expressions provides activities of daily living, light cleaning, cooking, laundry, bed making and quality time with enriching conversations.

  • CNA Services
  • Transportation Errands
  • Preparing meals and daily snacks
  • Housekeeping Activities
  • Administration of medicines
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Monitoring the Patient for safety
  • RN/LPN on site

Rates are at a case by case basis starting at $25.00/hr

Gentle Expressions Reviews

Read what our clients say about us on Care.com

Ms. Della R is an exceptional professional caregiver and an extraordinary person. I am so grateful Della helped care for my mom during her last 5 months of life. Della joined us at an unprecedented challenging time. as my mom was transferred from one nursing/rehab to another and then home, just as facilities began closing their doors due to the COVID-19 crisis. I honestly don’t know how we’d have made it through those transitions without Della’s support and leadership. Besides providing outstanding hands-on care, attention and companionship to my mom, Della also trained my stepdad and I in how to be home caregivers ourselves. We learned SO much! Della is fiercely and compassionately protective of her clients. As their friendship deepened, Della advocated for my mom’s independence. Always Respectful, patient and kind. throughout my mom’s cognitive and physical changes. Above all, Della takes immense pride in her work, rightfully so. I miss Della daily, but know we’ll remain friends.

– Rose W

In years of knowing her, her work ethic is incomparable!? Compassionate, warm and welcoming whenever she is in any atmosphere. Her clients always come first and she never settles in giving them less than the best in her excellent care services! You are sure to fall in love with her meticulousness in working and contagious kindness!

– Kayla F

Della is very passionate about what she does. She’s best, patient and most of all attentive to the clients needs!

– Wanda J

Amazing – couldn’t have been more pleased with Della. She was more. More than we expected. We didn’t know what to expect when beginning the process of the end of our Dad’s life. Not only does Della and her staff, nurture and care, but they helped us through the process as well. Lovely, generous, kind and strong, I would hire Della again and again and highly recommend her to anyone preparing for a passing or even for a recovery.

– Rob S

I was the Power of Attorney for a friend who was in Hospice. The initial aides were stiffled by bureaucracy and unable to offer the level of comfort care that I believed my friend needed. The nurse referred me to Della. Ever since our first conversation she blew me away. She was always accessible and prompt. She selected loving CNAs and nurses to be at my friend’s side every minute of the day. They were able to help my friend peacefully transition. I unreservedly recommend Della and her team.

– Rebecca S

Della is a skilled, level-headed, kind and thoughtful medical professional. She helped my family and I throughout my mother’s final days. She was great at doing the work herself, and at hiring a team we could trust just as much as her. Della kept my mother as comfortable, and as comforted, as a human could be in her condition. The hospice care people remarked on the exceptional standards Della kept. She also helped my father, my brother and I to understand what was happening. Her perspective and generosity made all the difference. We’ll always be grateful.

– Peter C

Your search is over. You will find no better caregiver than Della. We spent seven of the longest shortest weeks of my life together when Della joined our family to provided care for my ailing father. I can’t imagine how this would have gone without her there to support him and guide us all. I imagine there are a plenty of people out there who can fulfill the tasks associated with care-giving, but care-giving, especially end of life care-giving, is about so much more than the heavy lifting and administration of physical care. Della and her team know how to hold space for the family members and most importantly for the patients they care for. My father felt incredibly comfortable with Della and her team, which I know had a big impact on his final days. Della and her team (who I won’t name by name due to privacy) were friends to all of us. while caring for my father as if he were their own, and we all felt that. We were grateful for Della. every single second of every day.

– Gail S

We hired Della to care for my mother, who was in hospice and nearing the end of her life. Even though we did not know Della long, her professionalism and deep caring for my mother’s needs, and our needs as her supporters, was extraordinary. She made an immediate difference in our lives, giving us relief and confidence that our unknown challenges would somehow be met. I am deeply grateful to have known her and recommend her highly.

– Diane M

She has a strong and sincere passion for the elderly and treats them as of they were her family by showing love, support, encouragement, patience and generous care.

– Danielle D

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    Rates are at a case by case basis.

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